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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Make a Promise to the Earth

I can be hard to keep your words with someone, but think about the Earth. Promising something to the environment, sounds a bit abstract and hard, isn't it?

Well not anymore with Earth Promise, "an online community dedicated to bringing people together who want to take better care of the environment. We provide an easy way for people to make, track and keep promises about actions that will benefit the earth. Together, we will be a caring and positive voice for the environment".

Have a look, I am sure you will find people to cheer you up and to help you to reach your goals!

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The New Seven Wonders of the World

I know we got a similar list last year, but apparently some guys have decided to restart the whole thing all over again. The Blog Green Prophet asserts that several countries in the Middle East are competing for the Prize.

I found it a bit ridiculous as you will always add an 8th or a 9th wonder, but competing for being on this list seems to be thrilling for some people. Have a look at the website and vote if there is any place you really like.
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2009 Good Resolutions

Hi everyone,

Hope you had a great Christmas and that your plans for New Year Eve are great. As it is the period for good resolutions,what is your green good resolution for 2009? Mine is to convince more people to go green and to increase awareness about ecotourism in general.

That said, I found that some guys are ahead of schedule and already offering us some good tips for going green in 2009. Traveling the Green Way gives you information on the greenest hotel in America in 2009, how to save money on 2009 eco-holidays and the green travel gear for 2009. Sounds that you are ready to go!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Break

St. Johann in TirolImage by chris-dcx via FlickrHi everyone,

Just a post to let you know that unfortunately I will not be as active as usual in the coming days due to Christmas, family and friends reunions, all the good things that make December bearable.

Two things:
  1. I invite you to have a look at the map you can find on this blog. I have added a bit more than a hundred ecotouristic projects/websites that I hope will help you to get more information for your next trip.
  2. Christmas in the Western World has become such a waste of energy and food that it might be the best time in the year to use your green common sense.
Have a Merry Christmas

Monday, December 22, 2008

Ecotourism in China

China is often presented as a complete environmental mess and it is unfortunately largely true, this country having some of the most polluted cities in the world. However some people over there work hard to increase the awareness about environmental issues.

China Reflection "is an ecotourism culture exchange center that puts its focus on learning with, from, and about Chinese culture in an active, “hands-on” environment". It is a good resource for anyone desiring to discover what the real life is in today China and travel green.

Have a look!

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

From Killers to Protectors: How Ecotourism Has Changed People in India

Map showing Mountains and Rivers of IndiaImage via Wikipedia
India has the second biggest population in the world and with economic expansion and the rural drift the pressure over the environment is increasingly important. Even if some conservation projects (especially about tigers) have been in placed for more more than a decade, a lot needs to be done.

Fortunately people are taking initiatives to protect the environment and to ensure economic development through ecotourism. I came across the blog of Wave Ecotourism,
"a Non-Governmental Organization expressly formed to promote ecotourism in the eastern most part of India. Its headquarters is at Rangagora, adjacent to the Dibru-Saikhowa National Park and Bio-sphere Reserve. It was formed in 2007 by a number of nature activists of the vicinity. Right from its inception Wave Ecotourism is making an all-out effort to promote eco-tourism in this area as an industry of international standard".

Have also a look at this article on their recent activities or how they have convinced people that protected their forest will be a sustainable source of income.
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Christmas Time: 3 More Websites to Travel Green

As I feel generous because it is Christmas time I will direct you towards three websites that will make it a lot easier for you to travel green and to update with the green news.

The first one, Jamble Magazine, is a very user friendly general green travel website. I do like the design, everything is eye catching and you find the information very easily. The style and the tips are great, especially the one telling you to hide your money in your stinky underwear!

The second one, G-Online is the daily content site of the G Magazine, an Australian consumer sustainability magazine. LOTS of information and resources on the travel section, hope it becomes the green Lonely Planet.

The last one is It's a Green Green World. It has a huge database of ecotouristic projects all around the world, useful website if you are looking for your next green holidays.

Hope all of this useful and let me know if you know other green travelling websites.
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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Preserving the Snow Leopard

Shafqat Hussain has been working in his home country Pakistan to protect this endangered animal. After lots of efforts he has managed to find a balance between the preservation of this animal and the interests of the locals shepherds by launching an ecotouristic project.

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Ecotourism in Australia: Follow the Path of the Aboriginals

2:3  defacto De facto version of flag   The Au...Image via WikipediaThe centre of Australia is a unique place and the Aboriginals living there have a special relationship with this land. Being able to follow them and listen to their explanations/history/whatever regarding that is something special. This article from The Guardian gives you a taste of what tourism should always be: meeting the locals and understanding their culture.

I also found this video on EcoTravel Guide TV that is perfect fit with the article. Enjoy both of them and start packing for Australia!
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Guide to Sustainable Travel

The National Geographic magazine is an icon of capturing wildlife ans is well know for its actions to preserve it. I just found an amazing Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Travel with 50 advice that will help you to go greener. Use it!

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Watch Butterflies as You Have Never Done It Before

A butterfly centre may sound like a joke, but when you are talking about amazing tropical colourful butterflies suddenly your stop laughing and you start imagining these amazing creatures.
The Zanzibar Butterfly Centre enables you to discover them with knowledgeable people that will explain to you all the mysteries of these special animals. Look at the website and let your imagination go!

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Ecotourism in the UK

uk_brighton_burnt-pier_seagull_tallImage by wvs via FlickrDo you want to see the green side of the UK? Ecofriendlytourist.com is a good place to find advice and recommendations about transportation, place to stay and any other thing you could wonder about when you are travelling. Give it a try!
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Friday, December 19, 2008

Ecotourism in Latin America and the Carribean

I know this is Christmas time and everyone should be happy but honestly I would like to have more sun and to experience a warm Christmas. As some of us may already have on mind some sunny trip, let me introduce you the Eco-Index Sustainable Tourism website. This is an amazing database about all the ecotourist resorts or activities in Latin America and the Carribean. very useful if you want to go green for your next travel. Try it!

Ecotourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ramsko Lake (Bosnia-Herzegovina)Image via WikipediaI know that the first thing that may cross your mind about Bosnia and Herzegovina would be more related to war and ethnic cleansing than tourism. But the war is over for more than 10 years and people have been working rebuilding their country and looking towards the future with more optimism (so let's hope that the EU will one day stop its hypocrisy and offer them to join).
Green Visions gives you all the information to do an eco trip in this unfortunately not well known country that has amazing landscapes. Have a look!

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Global Criteria For Ecotourism

We have been saying for a long time now that one of the drawbacks of ecotourism now was the absence of global standards that would have enabled anyone to have a better visibility of the actors and to identify an environmentally friendly service provider for your next holidays. The Partnership for Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria launched by the Rainforest Alliance, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the United Nations Foundation, and the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) will give anyone access to a reliable source of information that will help to make their mind. It will also help all the actors of the industry to fight greenwashing and to expel all the fake green service providers. Have a look!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Travelling with the Locals

One of the frustrating element when you are travelling is that you know that would be so much better if you were accompanied with a local that can show you the real life outside the major touristic spots. If you feel that I am sure you will like Responsible Travel, as they describle themselves as "the world’s best resource for local travel secrets. Our travel community is the best way to discover and learn about great places from people who've been there or who live there". Have a look!

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Top 10 List of Green Actors in the UK

A map of the United Kingdom, overlaid with the...Image via WikipediaHi everyone,

Have a look at this great list of green actors in the travel sector in the UK. Made by Make Travel Fair, I am sure it will be useful for the coming holidays or for next summer. Enjoy!

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Meet the "EcoWarrior": the Natural Resources Defense Center

Hi everyone,
This post is a bit off track about ecotourism but I think it is always enriching to talk about any kind of green news. Anyway I just came across the website of the NRDC (the Natural Resources Defense Center) and I found it interesting because it shows another part of the green community. They are well organized (I mean they are a proper lobby) and determined to promote their agenda towards the decision makers in Washington.

I know, and especially in America, that you have to be organized as a lobby if you want to change things, but it just I feel unease with lobby in general. Are they really good for democracy, whatever their purpose is?? Wish I had the answer. Have a look and let me know what you think.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Flying Green for Xmas, or at Least Trying.

Planet GreenImage via WikipediaChoose a Green Airline : Planet Green

I know that flying might be one of the least environmentally friendly action and that ecotourism encourages people to travel local or to use public transportation. But my aim here is to encourage people to take actions and to become greener, not to become an authoritarian tyran (I mean Dark Vador was the best, could never be better).

So here is a list of airlines that make an effort in their daily business. I do not like calling them green airline because that is a bit if brainwashing. Anyway have a look at this article from planet green. I hope that that can be useful!

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Traveling Green as much as You Can

8 Ways to Green Your Winter Travel - Earth911.com

Here another article that may help you to go green for your holidays. This one is pretty general and sounds common sense (like taking the train and not a plane or your car), but this is a rare material (ask a lame duck president and some bankers). Have a look!

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Traveling Green: 31 Tips

World Environment Day 2006Image by Mornby via FlickrGreen Travel: 31 Tips to Save Money & Environment | Geek About

Hi everyone. Please have a look at this article in which you find a list of advice on how to travel more responsibly. Remember that an effort from everyone means a big change for the all of us!

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Ecotourism on Video: Eco Travel Guide TV

I just found this website called Eco Travel Guide TV that displays dozens of videos about ecotourism initiatives all around the world and put forward people that are leading green projects.

Have a look!

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Friday, December 12, 2008

What is Ecotourism: a Better Illustration

Thanks to Planeta we now have a better vision of what ecotourism is. If I could add something to this I would try to mention sustainable development as the philosophy that maintains everything.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ecotourism Getting Bigger in Jordan

Spring in northern Jordan.Image via WikipediaJordan lures eco-tourists with waterfalls, canyons - Yahoo! News

Hi everyone,
Have a look at this article that shows that another country, Jordan, is betting on ecotourism to generate more income for its population. If ecotourism could pick up in the Middle East that would be fantastic in the sense if it will spread awareness about environmental issues and force people and governments to take care of their fragile ecosystems.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When Skying Becomes Greener

Top 10 Green Ski Resorts in Western U.S.

Hi everyone!
Have a look at this great list of ecotourism ski resorts in the US! And there is a lot more on the website. Worth checking!

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