I write this blog about ecotourism because I have a big interest in this topic and I do think it can make a difference. I want to share what I find/think interesting about it.
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Friday, May 30, 2008

Why Ecotourism?

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I have travelled in different places, mostly in Europe but in Australia and Latin America as well. Several times I had two kinds of disgusting feelings about what I was doing: the first one when I was treated like cattle (awful isn't it?) and the second one when I became aware of my pleasure had a destructive impact on the wonders I was touching or watching, or even worse, on the people.

I have talked to different kinds of people and most of them agreed on these two points. It appears to me that we are experiencing a beginning of a trend called ecotourism. Of course, a lot needs to be done, but what I would like to do with this blog is to provide people that have an interest for this issue with reliable ( and interesting I do hope) information about this.

Thanks for reading me.
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