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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Paris Solidarity Fair

Make Trade Fair album coverImage via WikipediaHey everyone,

I went to the Paris Solidarity Fair on Saturday and that reminded me one of the hurdles of getting involved in ecotourism: money. It is harder to lauch a business in this sector than for normal tourism for a couple of reasons (less significant return on investment, more risky, etc) because investors are not familiar with the concept or just do not see the point. I talked to different persons at this fair and we agreed that usually you start with our own money or through some kind of collect/donation. Here are some tools to help you get over this process of accumulating enough money to start:

A French website that basically works as a platform and lets you build page on which you explain your project and invite people to finance it.

An American website that enables you to build a financial plan for a personal project and that lets family and friends seeing what you do and help you through donations.

I am still looking for this kind of website so please if you find more information leave a link.
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