I write this blog about ecotourism because I have a big interest in this topic and I do think it can make a difference. I want to share what I find/think interesting about it.
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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Holidays and Environment

Hi everyone,

Sorry I was not more active but I have been busy recently, working for two start ups, yes two!! They operate in two different fields but I am convinced they can bring added value to ecotourism and to people blogging on the issue.

The first one is called Treedoo: this is a carbon offset company that offers you the possibility to be pro active against cliamte change by voluntarily offsetting your carbon dioxyde emissions.

The second one is Blog Video TV, a live broadcasting service that enables eveyone to have his own TV online. You can export it to your blog or website, which means another tool to reach people out. I am sorry this is only in French for the moment, but will soon available in english ,so please keep the link

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