I write this blog about ecotourism because I have a big interest in this topic and I do think it can make a difference. I want to share what I find/think interesting about it.
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Monday, September 29, 2008

A Big Push for Ecotourism

Pamela Anderson as C.J. Parker.Image via Wikipedia
Just discovered on this blog that Pamela Anderson is building an eco hotel in Abu Dhabi. I know it sounds reaaly odd, but at least that can draw some attention to ecotourism, always a good point!!
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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ecotourism Working with the Mass Tourism Industry??

[ Source:www.ecoclub.com ]

Dr Graham Miller is an academic specialized in business ethics, sustainability and the tourism industry. He details what seems to be at odds to many people involved in the ecotourism sector: working with the mass tourism industry. Click here for the full article
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Towards an International Definition of Ecotourism?

One of the main hurdles of ecotourism is the absence of international agreement over what ecotourism is and the difficulty to appease everyone with an appropriate definition.

But this time is almost over!!! Some main actors of the industry are joining their forces in order to elaborate an international label.

The work is still underway but it should be released on October 6th.

If you want to have more information, go there.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

The Green Passport

The UNEP (United Nation Environment Programme) helps people to make their vacation greener by offering advice through the Green Passport.

It is really user friendly and well thought because it deals with all the steps of the trip, from planning to what I do after my return.

Have a look!!

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Ecotourism Conference in Vancouver

City of VancouverImage via Wikipedia
If you happen to be in Vancouver between October 27th -29th, you will have the chance to attend the 2008 Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference hosted by the International Ecotourism Society.

It will be the opportunity to network, promote your project and attend conferences.

Check it out!!

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Five Challenges of Ecotourism

[ Source:www.ecoclub.com ]

Kelly Bricker, an academic specialised in sustainable tourism development deals with the five challenges of ecotourism.

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Eco-Tour Companies Websites

An Ecotourist vacation means research on the Internet to find suitable hotels to stay in. I will then provide a review of different websites that help to connect consumers with hotels over the next few days.


A young website (launched in late 2007) that offers great features.

User Friendly: Easy to navigate and find information and cross information

Goes Social: One part of the website is dedicated to Social networks and bookmarks

Number of Destinations and Hotels: Drawback: website is relatively young (less than a year), so you do not have so much content, but will normally improve in the future

Community oriented: You can build your own profile, participate in forums, put pictures, comments, etc

Green Tips: They go outside the box of Ecotourism and gives a broad range of advice

To sum it up, the website will easy provide you a good eco-friendly destination and hotel, but it is not as its full potential yet.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Reading for the Coming Autumn

Cover of Cover via Amazon
"Ecotourism and Sustainable Development: Who Owns Paradise??" is a vast source of knowledge regarding our topic. Written by Martha Honey, it will help you to get a broader perspective of ecotourism from one of the pioneers of the movement. The second edition is even more interesting because it has some hindsight regarding the development of ecotourism.

Here are some excerpts

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2010 Winter Olympics, an eco-tourist experience??

Countdown to the 2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouv...Image by synthetichem via Flickr
Just found an article about the way these Olympics will be organised in Vancouver in less than two years. It seems that the authorities want to seize this opportunity to put forward Canadian aboriginal cultures and then develop a new form of tourism in Canada that will enable people to discover and experience these cultures.

We always have to be cautious with this kind of initiatives because sometimes it looks like a 19th century human zoo, but any effort aiming to promote fairly aboriginal cultures should be endorsed.

Have a look here

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Understand Ecotourism Quickly

Pereira_Altagracia_PS_FieldTrip3.JPGImage by Green Map System via FlickrHere is an article from the Daily Green: in one page you will find the essential concepts of ecotourism and will know how to make the first steps.

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Another definition of Ecotourism

[ Source:www.sunherald.com ]

Go to the website to have a better look at it.

There are loads of definitions of this notion, so each time I find one that appears to be relevant I will publish it.

Back from Vacations

Early morning view of the beach face and Image via Wikipedia
Hi everyone,

I am back from vacation, which means I will spend more time on the blog putting more information about ecotourism. What really struck me regarding this matter is that how people can destroy or trample something they have just enjoyed. Summer is apparently over but our prints on the environment will last far longer than a season.

Here is a good initiative to clean up beaches all around the world!!


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The concept of Travelers'Philanthropy by Martha Honey

[ Source:www.ecoclub.com ]

Have a look at the website