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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Eco-Tour Companies Websites

An Ecotourist vacation means research on the Internet to find suitable hotels to stay in. I will then provide a review of different websites that help to connect consumers with hotels over the next few days.


A young website (launched in late 2007) that offers great features.

User Friendly: Easy to navigate and find information and cross information

Goes Social: One part of the website is dedicated to Social networks and bookmarks

Number of Destinations and Hotels: Drawback: website is relatively young (less than a year), so you do not have so much content, but will normally improve in the future

Community oriented: You can build your own profile, participate in forums, put pictures, comments, etc

Green Tips: They go outside the box of Ecotourism and gives a broad range of advice

To sum it up, the website will easy provide you a good eco-friendly destination and hotel, but it is not as its full potential yet.

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