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Sunday, December 21, 2008

From Killers to Protectors: How Ecotourism Has Changed People in India

Map showing Mountains and Rivers of IndiaImage via Wikipedia
India has the second biggest population in the world and with economic expansion and the rural drift the pressure over the environment is increasingly important. Even if some conservation projects (especially about tigers) have been in placed for more more than a decade, a lot needs to be done.

Fortunately people are taking initiatives to protect the environment and to ensure economic development through ecotourism. I came across the blog of Wave Ecotourism,
"a Non-Governmental Organization expressly formed to promote ecotourism in the eastern most part of India. Its headquarters is at Rangagora, adjacent to the Dibru-Saikhowa National Park and Bio-sphere Reserve. It was formed in 2007 by a number of nature activists of the vicinity. Right from its inception Wave Ecotourism is making an all-out effort to promote eco-tourism in this area as an industry of international standard".

Have also a look at this article on their recent activities or how they have convinced people that protected their forest will be a sustainable source of income.
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