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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Does the Spread of Eco-Consciousness Means the End of Green Travelling?

Christopher ElliottImage by madhavaji via FlickrNewsweek is for me one of the best magazines written in English, so I was really curious when I saw this article about green travelling. And I have to say that the viewpoint developed is interesting. Christopher Elliott argues that as environmental awareness is spreading people will increasingly refuse to pay an extra for that they see as normal.

I do agree with the argumentation put forward and I like the 4 advice he gave to consumers, but I would not say that it means the end of "Green Travel", especially ecotourism. Ecotourism goes beyond the respect for the environment because it is also a philosophy.

If you go for ecotourism, it means that you are looking for real interactions with the locals, that you want something more than being on a beach: you want a life experience. This is not what everyone wants for vacation, which it means it is not the end of green travel.

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