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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Eco-Travel Website: Intrepid Travel

As promised I keep looking for websites that will help you to plan greener holidays. Today I will introduce you to Intreprid Travel. This company has operated for 20 years so they have an extended network and a lot to offer in terms of destinations.

Is the website user friendly? The website is amazingly professional, you easily get the information you are looking for. I found it really intuitive despite the huge mass of information.

Social media/community aspects? Honestly I have been a bit disappointed by this part as I has expected a more community oriented website. No mention of any social media tool at all, no space to exchange idea or leaving comments. A huge drawback according to me.

Number of destinations? As stated before, because they have 20 years of experience the amount of possibilities is extraordinary and this is definitely the selling point of the company.

Going Green? Even if they do their part (Work closely with the locals; green tips, guidelines and code of conduct on the website; carbon offsetting), I expected a more green oriented approach. Good but could be better.

This is a really good website if you want to find a trip respectful of the environment. However green is your priority you will find what they offer a bit too light for you.

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