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Friday, January 2, 2009

Ecotourism and Economic Crisis

Metro Bicycles Image by Ed Yourdon via Flickr
Well after the special period of Christmas and New Year eve, it is back to reality and 2009 does not seem to be that fun with all the people being made redundant and all the gloomy prediction. Unfortunately, even if this can have unexpected good efects on people's habits (look at the picture), this current climate is going to affect eco-tourism and more generally all the green activities.

As people will be increasingly cautious with their wallet, more people will cancel their consumption of eco products because they are more expensive. Ecotourism will be affected but it is hard to predict to what extent. Here this article underlines the effects in Indonesia. What really worries me is that all the good resolution taken for climate change and the protection of the environment could be forgotten for "the sake of the economy": it seems that since the price of gas plummeted in the US, the slaes of SUV have raised. This is such a big mistake becuase in one/two years time prices will be around 150$ the barrel.

This example shows that "green resolutions" promised by people or governments are weak, so we have to be proactive and to show that green solutions are sources of employment and good for the economy.

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