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Friday, January 2, 2009

Ecotourism: Victim of its own Success?

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Happy that the concept of ecotourism is spreading all around and that more people "are joining the club"? Think again. I already wrote some posts about the use by some people/companies of ecotourism as a way to greenwash people and to do business as usual. The other problem seems to be the scale ecotourism starts taking.

We see many projects that really follow the standards of ecotourism (recycling, preservation, use of green energies, involvement of the locals) but because they are really big it seems to go against the mindset of the concept and still there are some doubts lingering on the impact on the environment. As examples, read this article "As Eco-Tourism Grows, Struggle for Cultural Identity Remains" that shows you the limit of ecotourism and have a look at this one as well. It treats the announcementof the Kenya Forest Service to open 200 sites for ecotourism. I am really happy that Kenya is following the path of ecotourism, bu 200 sites seems to be huge for the country and I am a bit worried when they talk about "tourism facilities".

As usual, we need to be cautious and question everything. That could be the mantra for ecotourism in 2009.

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