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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Make America Greener: Yes Barack, You Can!

I am sure like billions people around the world you have seen the images of Barack Obama inauguration and heard a few extracts from his speech. I already wrote on this blog all the hopes I had in the 44th American president regarding the environment and he has always been a strong advocate of green policies, pledge he has renewed today. The task ahead of him is huge: a new Kyoto protocol; an economic plan to boost renewable energies; changing American habits regarding the use of natural resources and energy (probably the biggest one!).

The doomsayers would say that the start was not that good for the environment as the Inauguration celebrations have had a negative impact on the environment. True, completely true. But never judge someone on his/her first day at work. It takes a year to a new American president to completely master his new position. Barack Obama has less than that and the environment cannot wait other delays, but he has proved to his own country and the world how exceptional he is. So yes, he can become a true and efficient political leader on green issues.

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