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Sunday, January 25, 2009

The People Behind Ecotourism

I have written several posts about the ecotourism industry, the labels, the trends, etc. But I have never really put forward the people that make ecotourism possible, that launch projects, develop networks and promote this idea through conferences or seminars. And that is the shame because we could have a lot to learn from these people that have to deal with an industry that has not fully embrace green ideas and the power of lobbies always eager to put economy (here read money) first.

So today I invite you to have a look at the blog of Megan Epler Wood, A day in the life of an Ecotourism Consultant. In her blog she describes her day-to-day activities in Bangladesh where she is working on an ecotourism project: "she will develop an ecotourism strategy for the Teknaf Peninsula on the Bay of Bengal. This far-flung peninsula borders Burma, and is becoming a target for rapid local development. Forest reserves here harbor the threatened Bengal tiger".

That is really valuable to see the other side of the barrier and to have a taste of all the difficulties they have to overcome. Please have a look!

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