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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Being Green and Commercial Celebrations

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Today is Valentine Day and you must live on another planet if you have not noticed. I found an article on Travelling the Green Way about Valentine day: "Top 5 Ways to Green Valentine’s". My first reaction was: "Oh that's nice!". Then I was like "Wait a minute... the whole point of being green should be to avoid all the consumption brainwashing that has lead us into the wall!"

I have been thinking of that and it seems that this example shows the limits of "green consumption": as a person, being environmentally friendly means a lot more than consumption, it is an attitude that aims at looking at the consequences of our actions in the long run. I have nothing against couples, but as my first Valentine Day in the UK I am amazed at the pressure that all the marketing machines have put on people over the last few weeks. It seems it is compulsory to go to the restaurants or to offer some roses. It seems more important to BUY than to really LOVE.

Being green is like being in love: it should come naturally and any demonstration of the feeling should come at any time when the person deems it important, not when the whole society pressures him/her. So remember: the best actions is something you cannot buy but something unique that comes from yourself.

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