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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ecotourism and Social Media

More than how far you go, a travel is more about how you reach your destination and the people you meet during your trip. Talking to the locals or hanging out with other travellers mean more knowledge, memory and fun. So as ecotourism puts the emphasis on the travel in itself and on the interactions with people here is a list of useful tools when you plan your trip or when you are travelling.

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Facebook: let us start with the main one. This social media is an incredible tool to find information, discover events, meeting new people and keep in touch (it works a lot better than all the promises of "writing a letter now and again"). Have a look at the groups, the fan page and do not hesitate to send message to people that might have valuable information.

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Twitter:if you are looking for info, twitter is incredible. More and more companies are monitoring it so if you leave a tweet you might receive a direct message with the relevant content. And if you have a community of people interested in travelling then it is potentially a huge source of knowledge.

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Brightkite, Zyb or Google Latitude: Social networks are increasingly going mobile and it could be very useful if you are in a city looking for your friends or the persons you met the day before. I know some people might be scared, so it is up to you if you do not want to use it.

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Google Earth and Google Map: How was life before we had these tools?? Hard to imagine now! I know you are goig to tell me: it is not really social media. Well if you look at the numbers of maps created by users (millions) and all the contents/reviews you can find, this is as social as any of the tools mentioned here.

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Ning:I do think that the best opinions come from passionate people, so why not looking for social networks dedicated to travelling?? Have a look at this platform, you will find thousands of people ready to share info.

Mashable: This is not a social network, but in my opinion they are the best websites regarding information and lists for a dedicated topic. So suscribe to their RSS feed and keep an eye on it.

They are plenty of other tools/applications, so if you know any otherone I did not mention, please send me an email and I will add it to the list.

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