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Monday, February 2, 2009

Green Issues and Economic Downturn

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When I read The Daily Green I was very happy: The New York Times, probably one of the best newspapers in America, has just created an environmental news team to monitor everything related to green issues. The NYT has always been proactive in this field, especially with their travel section in which you could find resources for environmentally friendly trips, but such a move is amazinf in the current economic environment.

However, my joy did not last because the second half of the article mentioned a fading interest and commitment of people in general towards green issues. As the economic crisis is affecting millions of households, priorities are shifting. And if we the people start thinking that way you can be sure that politicians have already anticipated that and are going to renegotiate or make ineffective some pledges.

Fine. But could you remember what brought us into the wall?? Overborrowing to overspend to satisfy our overconsumption. So after this crisis is gone, are we going to fall in the same trap again? Or to become a bit more mature?? Why not starting now and adopting new policies, creating new green jobs and relaunching our economies?

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