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Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Ecotourism Resources

Hi everyone,

I just would like to share with you a website I found and that I got in touch with its creators/managers.

The website is called weekeego. The best way to understand what they do is to read the words of Jana Holomkova, responsible of the platform:
"Weekeego is body which promotes responsible tourism and supports local communities around the world. At this moment we offer 26 destinations in all continents, except Antartica.
We don't directly work with charities, NGOs, foundations etc. What happens is, most of these places either manage themselves projects or / and co-operate with local NGOs. It really depends on each spot. We explain in the profile which is online what a kind of involvement to expect, how the members can contribute. And then the exact projects get listed; for example educational projects, culture projects, habitat projects etc."

I really like the adopted approach as it is community oriented and puts forward the experience of travelling first. I have said here several times that the most important thing regarding
ecotourism is to establish as much as possible a true connection with the locals and to get a sense of the place. These values are utterly shared by the people behind weekeego.

The website is still in Beta but you can already book things online, you can connect to them via Facebook, Twitter and You Tube. This webiste is really user friendly and I hqve the feeling it has the potential to become a must place for ecotourism/responsible travelling as soon as all the functionality will be in place.

So you should definitely have a look at weekeego.
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