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Friday, March 6, 2009

Back on the Ecotourism Track

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I have been quite busy over the last few weeks and as I have more time now I just realized I have not posted anything for almost two weeks. Not really good. But for now I am back and I will put more efforts into my blog, starting now.

I would like to talk to you about Nile Guide, a trip planner.This website offers customized travels, tips for discovering places and other different advice on how to travel. According to what I defined as ecotourism (and please remember this is my personal definition of it), the website is not particularly ahead of the curvebut what got my attention was one of their posts on their blog:

"Wherever you’re going, managing your itinerary using some proximity-enabled planning tools can ensure that you spend less time in the car (or on the bus, the train, or the plane), and more time exploring or spending time with friends and family. This is one area that’s often overlooked when it comes to green travel — one of the best ways to limit your carbon footprint is to limit the amount of transport you need while you’re on your trip, not just when you traveling there and back. With sites like NileGuide, you can easily use distance-based filtering/sorting and maps to group nearby places together in your itinerary".

This is purely common sense that I have never thought of! If you know where you are going you obviously save times on transportation and reduce your carbon footprint. We live in such a technology driven world that sometimes we forget that simple ideas can really make a difference. Have a look at the website and let me know what you think.

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