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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Costa Rica and Ecotourism: the End of the Honeymoon?

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Recently I have found a couple of bad reviews/articles about the overall state of Ecotourism in Costa Rica. Even if the country is still ahead of many of its neighbours and other countries willing to adopt ecotourism for their tourism industry, several voices have expressed their disagreements/disappointment on the directions the country is following. The most striking post I have found is on Tico Times in a blog post named "Ecotourism, Corporate Greed and Development". You get the point.

There are two main questions in this post and they have been haunting ecotourism since its inception. Is tourism in itself a viable activity? How can we truly adopt ecotourism as an official policy when are our governments are obsessed by GDP growth and could be bribed(I mean every country look at the scandals in Spain)?

Well to answer the first question, I would say tourism is viable whatever its form is when you put some limits on it and have a long term vision. Unfortunately the second issues usually prevents government to have this long term vision. So how can we do something? Well we live in an internet era, which means information spreads fast and you can mobilize people easier than ever. We clearly have to monitor and review the choices made by our officials in terms of development and preservation as they rarely put their actions where their mouth are. As Margareth Mead said: "A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has". So even if we are a small number of people, if we are determined to promote our eco-agenda and preserve as much as possible, we can do it. And to the sceptical one I would say "Yes, We Can".

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