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Friday, March 6, 2009

Ecotourism Becoming Global

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Ecotourism is about travelling whatever the distance is, I offer you to travel all around the world in this post.

First we head to China with Xin Tuo Ecotourism. If you would like to discover the Yunnan province, this website is for you. They will plunge you into the Naxi community and you will discover another part of this fascinating country. The compqny is owned by a local that speaks both English and Mandarin. You can follow them on Twitter and also on Facebook.

Now we heads towards Syria. I know that this country does not enjoy a good reputation, but in terms of historic spots, architectural wonders and culture Syria is a unique place. The website ecotourism Syria is a good point of entry to discover this unfortunately badly perceived country.

Our financial destination is Canada, more precisely the Ontario province. The Ontario Ecotourism Society has for mission to "provide support and promotion for the sustainable use of our natural and cultural tourism resources through education and responsible marketing of ecotourism in Ontario". So it is a good resource if you are looking for information on the maple leaf country.

So I hope you liked my worlwide trip and that you are using these websites to plan real trips.

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