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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good News for Ecotourism

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Some days are definitely better than others, and today is pretty unique for ecotourism.

First Nile Guide released a new version of their website. I am not going to comment on the details about it as Techcrunch has done it pretty well, but I think it is definitely something good for ecotourism as it enables people to share more information. And if travellers have more information on their next trip they can take better decisions, e.g. on their mode of transportation. At the end it will help to reduce the impact of travellers on the environment.

The second one is the decision of Barack Obama to develop high speed train in the US. At last!! This will not only have a positive impact on the environment but will create thousands of jobs in America. If he keeps going like this it is going to be "Yes We Did It" in four years time.

The last one is a bit more personal: an Article from Planet Green on eco-friendly countries. And after Costa Rica and New Zealand, they put France! France?? Well as a French person I have always thought that Germany or any Scandinavian country would have an edge over us, but it is true that with the high speed train railway network, the improvement on recycling policies all over the country and the development of renewable energies we are getting greener than ever.

So good news on the ecotourism front but the fight continue.

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