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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Greater Yellowstone Geotourism Map: Could Be Better

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Yellowstone National Park in the US is the oldest natural park in the world and probably one of the most beautiful and famous ones. This preserved area is a perfect place for ecotourism and so I was delighted when I received an email about a Geotourism map.

"Much more than a road map, the new Geotourism MapGuide to the Greater Yellowstone Region and its companion Web site Yellowstone Geotourism share locals’ knowledge on everything from where to find the best huckleberry milkshake and great community events to where to watch rescued grizzlies and wolves in their daily activities. Nearly 1,000 map point nominations were received from the region’s residents, making the MapGuide a unique resource for the millions of annual visitors as well as locals seeking unspoiled outdoor places and authentic cultural experiences. The MapGuide will be unveiled in three events around the region: on March 27 in Cody, Wyo.; March 30 in Boise, Idaho; and March 31 in Helena, Mont.

The map is very useful (and can be downloaded) and covers the whole area of the park, but I would have prefered an interactive one accessible online with filters and different others possibilities. For the next version I guess.

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