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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Back on Ecotourism Track: Laziness, the Worst Enemy!

Hi everyone,

I have been away of my blog for some time recently but I am back. This post is not organized around one topic but more several thoughts or ideas I went through recently.

First I recommend you to have a look at 40 Most Useful Travel Website That Can Save you a Fortune. I know they are not all oriented towards green initiatives but it could be useful for travelling. BTW, where do you plan to go this summer? Has the recession affected your choice of destination?

The other thing is that I went to Finland and a friend of mine challenged me on ecotourism (well friends are here to challenge you right??): "What's the point of it? Is it not a big joke or a smokescreen?". My point is that it has already succeeded and that its ultimate victory will be its disappearance: already consumers are asking for higher environmental standards for their vacations and this, even if it is slowed down by the current economic crisis, will keep increasing in the future. So at some point the standards for the whole tourism industry will be so high that everyone will be, of course at certaint degrees, doing ecotourism.

However there is only one thing that worries me regarding this and that can at some point stop it. It is even more powerful than all the greedy corporations (I did not say oil companies...) that are lobbying against any stringent regulations. It is anchored in all of us: our laziness!! I am still shocked when I look around me and I see how people can be so lazy regarding recycling or taking their car whereas they could just walk. I do not know how we can win over the laziness of people, but we definitely need to think about it. Any idea?

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