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Saturday, May 30, 2009

World Ecotourism Conference in Vientiane? Sounds Like a Joke (and not a Green One)

vientiane, laosImage by solgarcia via Flickr

I just stumbled upon an article mentioning a World Ecotourism Conference in Vientiane. the first thing tat struck me (and I still do not understand it at some point) is why doing this in Vientiane? Why not doing it in Europe or in the US? I mean you have a lot more actors coming from places closer to any big conference hub around the world. I was like holding this UN summit on climate change a couple of years ago in Bali: flying everyone over there was not that green!

And why having conferences. Why not using the internet and all the technological means we have to communicate at distance? I can understand that having a summit and meeting people in person can accelerate things, but still it does not sound right to organize something like this.

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