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Monday, June 15, 2009

Greenwashing and Ecotourism: Please Understand They Are not Linked!

greenwashing suppliesImage by Shira Golding via Flickr

Greenwashing has been exposed again with Kmart sanctioned in the US for false advertising claims. Well, greenwashing has been around since environmental concerns gained prominence a couple of of years ago, but I feel it has never been so strong and so strongly fought by consumers. But I feel it might go too far.

I have read a couple of comments on Twitter, or even posts on blogs that ecotourism is pure greenwashing, that there is nothing really green in what it is.

Well, my first reaction is that one of the problem of ecotourism is that it has not been clearly defined, so there is no one but several kind of ecotourism. So when you have blur situations like this, of course some greedy people will seize the opportunity to make even more money with false claims. But as the truth will always come up, it is not going to last. Consumers will ask for higher environmental standards for everything, and at some point it will be something natural. And we at that stage we would be beyond ecotourism.

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