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Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Power of Videos for a Good Cause

I would like to comment on two videos I came across over the last week. The first one is a short video on ecotourism and being eco friendly.

I find this video quite interesting as it shows the power of the image: in less than a minute you can convey a strong message and reach people with much more impact than with an editorial (but i think in some case they are complementary).

The second video is the new commercial for General Motors.

Even if I find a bit outrageous that the money of American taxpayers is used to rectify the management mistakes made by overpaid CEO, I have to admit that their advertising agency has done a great job. They quickly admit their mistakes and they spend most of this commercial making us think of what could be a green GM. And if a company like GM that used to produce tanks (excuse me but this is how I call this plague that you name SUV in the US), there is some hope for a greener car industry.

However, as I have heard and read several times that this economic crisis could be the opportunity to change our economy and adopt a greener and sustainable approach, but saw people being (legitimately) a lot more obsessed by jobs, I have become a bit sceptical. I fear that we might go in the "back to business as usual" direction and that the environment would be left behind. Please prove me I am wrong.

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