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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Travelling ...Home. A New Form of Ecotourism?

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As I go home (northern France) for the weekend, I realize that in a sense I am travelling home. I have just been away for a couple of months, but I have to catch up with so many things that I will be busy going from one point to another one. There are so many manifestations happening all around Lille with the cultural events LilleXXL on Eastern Europe that, well , I am a slightly lost in the middle of this. And with this I become aware that we should add another definition to ecotourism: discovering and enjoying the place you are from!

Whatever the country or the region it may be, if there is one place we might know less about it, it is our home region. Because we live there, that we have access to everything at any time, we get lazy about it. But when you move to somewhere else and you get back for any reason, you look at the place in a different way and you realize why and how much you like it.

So before travelling to any place in the world, before launching any ecotourism plan on another continent, let's have a different look at what we have around us!
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