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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Australia and Water: a Turning Point?

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Australia is an amazing country and a great place to visit, but I have always been shocked by the relationship people had with water o: despite the fact that it is the driest continent on the planet, I met people that were taking three showers a day and just wasting the precious liquid. Let alone the abuse and intensive use by agriculture to sustain practices that make sense in Europe but not there.

So I was happily surprised this week to see that some Australians are taking the measure of the problem and adopting radical tactics to fight the worst drought this country has ever seen. The state of New South Wales is leading the way: the town of Bundanoon has implemented a complete ban on bottled water and the local government has decided to set up the same kind of measure for governmental agencies.

You would tell me that it is not related to the use of water. Of course you are right! But this shows that people are changing the relationship they have with water, the use of natural resources and more generally the environment. And regarding the water issue, I think it shows people are looking at it in a different and it is good.

The positive point is that local governments are leading the way: the state of Victoria has launched a massive PR campaign to push everyone in the population to reduce water consumption, the most striking measure is the 4 minute shower! It seems that politicians have understood the scope of the problem and it is high time: Australia has to do something now otherwise it will not be able to cope with the challenges of climate change!

All these efforts sound good news to me and make me even more eager to get back to the sunshine country!

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