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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

First Award for this Blog: Still a Long Way to Go!

This blog received an award from Tripbase, a search engine that help you to find the right place to go for your next holidays: you do not enter where you want to go, you indicate what natters to you to have a great vacation. the blog is number 10th in the category "Eco Travel-related blogs".

Here are their words about it: "After careful consideration, we have elected to give your blog an award for providing one of the best Eco Travel-related blogs out there. You have emerged in 10th place for this category.

We feel your blog is an excellent example of what a blog should be and trust that you feel proud in this respect. We congratulate you on your achievement and are providing you with a badge to display proudly at your own discretion on your blog as a sign that you are in the top echelons of the blogosphere".

I am someone that really values humility, so there is no risk I will show off about this award (well I put the logo of the award as it is nice sometimes to treat your ego decently! lol), so receiving an award like this has been something that has pushed myself to question about this blog.

I am number 10th, which means there is still a lots of things to improve to become the king of ecotourism. Moreover, I feel my blog has been drifting from ecotourism to green news in general. Not this is a bad thing, but it might then be more appropriate to have a blog dealing with green issues in general and not only travelling. Finally, well, the website giving me the award does not mention anywhere any green activity or invite people to have environmentally friendly attitudes. So it sounds really weird to accept an award from them whereas my blog aim is to promote genuine green companies.

So for the moment I will put the logo of the award on my blog, but if I do not get more explanation on what their policy is regarding the environment, I will take it down. What do you think?

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