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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tripbase: Why I Accepted Their Award

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In the previous post I said i would only accept the award this blog got from Tripbase if they could prove they are actively acting for the preservation of the environment. Here is their reply:

"As a company

We offset our company's carbon emissions with Carbonfund.org (logo going up on our site soon)
We use split climate control to save energy
We invested in extra office insulation to save energy
We optimized our server code to reduce the number of servers required
We recycle batteries, paper and toner cartridges
We use fax to email service to reduce paper waste
We use low flush volume toilets
We always shut down our computers
We use refillable pens
We switch lights off when leaving the office / toilets
We use water filters rather than bottles
80% of our employees travel to work by foot/bicycle/scooter

To encourage green travel amongst our customers

We produced and distributed a CO2 widget to enable flyers to calculate their carbon emissions before traveling:

We included two green travel categories (Eco Travel and Low Carbon) in our Travel Blog Awards:

We focused on a "green travel" angle for the PR surrounding our Travel Blog Awards, achieving widespread coverage and awareness across countless offline and online media outlets:

We write and link to eco-travel articles on our blog and on Twitter to spread awareness amongst our readers (new green travel blog post coming soon)"

Seems to me they are doing their part. What else do you think they should do?

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