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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dumbest Idea of the Month: Renting Clothes when Travelling

I truly think this one takes the cake: someone has the project to launch a company that will let people rent clothes when travelling. Sounds convenient, but what happens to the clothes after they are used once? Zero Baggage (this is the name of the project) chief executive Catharine MacIntosh said they would be washed and used again. Here is the video presenting the service.

I know they say you can leave your clothes somewhere and get them back when you are travelling to the same location. And they mention the idea of sustainability several times. However I do not buy it. It is hard for me to see people having the means of using this kind of services willing to wear things that have already been used by someone else. I feel this service is going to evolve into a one use only service, like everything on a plane. I already feel the amount of waste when flying is a huge, but if people adopt this kind of way of travelling this is the crowning of unsustainability.

Convenience is important, but convenience at all cost has already brought us close enough to environmental collapse, so why keep following this way? When I look at what people say on Twitter, they all seem too enthusiastic about it. I hope they will take some hindsight on it and realize the impact of such services.
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