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Monday, August 24, 2009

Green Travelling: No Easy Answer

Blooming TGVImage by Éole via Flickr

I like the French high speed train TGV: fast, more convenient than a flight but above all better for the environment. I mean I thought that until I read this article from the Guardian: "High-speed rail strategy not so green, report says".

This UK government commissioned report shows that building a high speed railway line between Manchester and London and running it for 60 years is not greener than air routes. Shocking! Well when you take the time to think about it it makes sense.

As mentioned in the study, if the rail is unable to reach a certain market share, it will not impact the environment positively. I feel quite silly not having looked at the problem that way, assuming the rail was always the greener option. I guess our leaders are always eager to use the silver bullet approach and sell it to us. However, if high speed trains are not the solution, they are still a part of it. We need to adopt a relevant mix of transportation systems which will always put the greener alternative first, not the one that seems greener.

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