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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Wallet and Keeping up with the Jones Could Save the Planet!!

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Sometimes it is pathetic how people's assertions can change over time. After the hurricane Katrina that struck at the US in August 2005, it seemed that the majority of the populations in the Western World got concerned about the environment and from people and businesses to governments we heard the same thing: we need to reduce our carbon emissions to preserve the environment and we will!

The problem is that 4 years after that, in the aftermath of the economic crisis, it does not seem to be the top priority of all this people any more. From governments that cannot agree on the system to adopt and the efforts that each country should undertake and corporations that are not doing enough to people that have realized that it will require some deep changes to reach this objective, everyone has switched its focus to other concerns.

So how can we push people and organizations to implement things that will bring change? Well, the good old means: money and self esteem!! Behavioural and consumer studies show that green solutions are adopted either to save money or to brag about it in front of your neighbours. Some people thought that the environmental awareness showed a new steps in the way mankind looked at the planet, but unfortunately it appears to be just a new step in our long history of self narrow interests.
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