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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

To Offset or not to Offset??

Let's be completely honest: the concept of carbon offset has always been borderline. The idea you can offset your carbon dioxide emissions by giving money to projects of tree plantations or that encourage carbon dioxide emissions could have been nice if it stayed limited to what it was conceived for: trip you cannot avoid to do. Here is an example of a business that offers carbon offset solutions.

However, it quickly became an excuse for not changing anything. I guess this is what ResponsibleTravel felt and this is why they decided to change their policy and forsake carbon offset.

So what else should we do? Should we stick to carbon offset or should we get rid of the idea? Well we could just bypass the people making profit out of it but keep the positive side of it. Every year millions of people give money to charities for Cancer or any other respectable cause, so why not giving for the environment? Why not giving to projects that will make a difference, somewhere in the world, would it be in another continent or in your own neighbourhood? But in the same expecting nothing in return, just giving as a pure act of generosity. And if we associate this with genuine efforts to tackle climate change, this would transform carbon offset to a bad memory.

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