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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Changing Ourselves Before Changing the World

I just left the UK for a few days and I realized how defiant you can become when you live in a big city: when a stranger starts talking to you you will for sure adopt a defensive attitude. This will be a problem when you are in a place where people are just curious about you and are ready to give you tips about the place you are. To sum it up, you miss opportunities.

So how is that linked to ecotourism, travelling and any green issue? Well, defiance has become the strongest obstacle to overcome these problems. Because we are sceptical of our politicians (OK for good reasons), other countries policies and to some extent ourselves, we can only achieve the smallest things for the environment. Cynicism is king and I wish I could commit a regicide. But this is not a great state of mind: cynicism is widespread because this is the only thing we can use to hide our despair and disappointment. So maybe it is time to transform this into anger, which will be the fuel alimenting the machine of change.
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