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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Green Credibility is like Credibility:Easy to Lose

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I recently read that Responsible Travel, an authoritative green travelling website, changed its minds on carbon offset and decided not to offer it as product any more and condemn the use of it. As it is quite controversial to offset flights, I can understand their new position. The only thing that worries me is to what extent it can dent the credibility of green advocates.

I mean if you have been defending and offering something for seven years and suddenly you change your mind, how people are going to take it next time you suggest something?I am not saying it is wrong, it just appears to me that as really no one has an idea on how to efficiently tackle climate change, we should be more cautious on what we put forward. I just fear that if something like this happen again, nobody would not listen any more. And you can feel this if you look at the tweets about it.

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