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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Greenwashing is Greenwashing, Wherever It Comes from!

EDF EnergyImage via Wikipedia

I already wrote about the case of EDF and Team Green Britain. Of course it is an example of Greenwashing and I think that the fact that the "Advertising Standards Authority of the UK received 149 complaints that the ads misleadingly implied EDF Energy is a green energy company and a British organisation" shows that people did not buy it.

The only thing that annoys me in this affair is that people seem to be more motivated by the fact it is a French company than by the actual greenwashing element of their campaign. I feel it is just wrong because in this case the nationality is not the problem, this is the misleading character of the ad. Would it better if it was BP? Honestly, rebranding the company Beyond Petroleum and put more green colours on their website will not change the fact they are an oil company that still makes more than 90% of its business selling fossil fuel. This is probaly the most achieved example of greenwashing, but I guess as they are British it is all right

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