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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Copenhagen: a Missed Opportunity for the Environment...Again?

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The UN summit taking place in Copenhagen might be the last opportunity we have to make a difference for the environment: reducing our carbon dioxide emissions has become urgent as we start feeling the first effects of climate change: droughts, floods and hurricanes are more common and increasingly stronger.

I am quite cynical about the summit, as in a few days it is going to reject as much carbon dioxide as a a big town would do. Moreover it is such a big summit that things have already been decided and negotiated for weeks between all the countries. And we all know what is going to happen: lots of promises, a few things signed, but nothing compulsory or that will constrain governments or businesses.

I can already give you the picture: governments from the north will set reduction targets (but will try to implement biased means of calculations) and put the pressure on countries from the South to have green policies; these ones will reply they cannot do that as they need to develop their economies first. They will also say (and to some point it is legitimate) that we created the problem and we should bear most of the burden. So lots of declarations and bla bla bla ahead, no real actions. And it is even more depressing when you think that only a few countries reached the target of the Kyoto protocol.

So what is the solution? Well we have it: let's become entrepreneurs and launch green companies. Let's become lobbyists and annoy our politicians as much as possible. Let's talk to people around us (family; friends; colleagues) and convince them we have to do something. because honestly, if we wait for our politicians to do anything, well, we are not sorted.

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