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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Killing Green, the New Creed of the US Army?

Logotype of the United States ArmyImage via Wikipedia

I just read an article from Fast Company about how the US Army tries to go green. I was sceptical about it but I tried to have a broader view on the topic: if the biggest emitter of carbon dioxide on the planet starts adopting a green approach on things, well, it that things are going into the right direction.

Moreover, if you look at all the technologies we have today such as computers, nuclear energy or anything related to space, everything has been developed thanks to military funding. And on a larger scale, a quick glance at the history of mankind and inventions would make you realize that wars accelerate innovations (but I would honestly prefer that without conflict).

It is not reassuring to know that destructive weapons are developed, but I completely agree with the Roman precept that states "if you want the peace, prepare the war". At least, we can do this without destroying the environment (and hopefully, in conflicts that might happen in the future, the planet).

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