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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pollution and Climate Change: the Nazism of Our Generation?

COP15 UNFCCC Climate Change - Opening CeremonyImage by UN Climate Talks via Flickr

Last week I wrote a blog post about my scepticism against the Copenhagen summit, and the more it goes the more I feel the facts are unfortunately going into that direction: A North and South divide between countries that will bring a weak resolution that is not going to change anything. Sometimes I feel people on the table do not realize the dangers ahead of us.

I have the impression they have the same attitude than France and the UK in the 1930s towards Nazi Germany: They do know it was evil, but by lack of courage, by their will to avoid a war at all cost (such as betraying and selling an ally like Czechoslovakia) and maybe also for local political consideration they did not stop what was coming. It cost us more than 60 million lives, destroyed many cities in Europe and brought mankind to an awful level of barbarity.

Now if you take the forces of climate change and pollution but brought them to a 21st century world, you can see the level of misery that is awaiting us in case of inaction.

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