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Saturday, January 30, 2010

When Osama Bin Laden Talks about the Environment

osama bin laden t-shirt (2)Image by Paul Keller via Flickr

I know, this sounds very unlikely, but this murderer mentioned it in its latest tape, as explained here by Fast Company. Of course this psychopath used it as a new angle to attack the US and the West.

The only good news I can see in that is that if someone like him starts using it is that now it is 100% mainstream. On the other hand, it could also announce something more terrible: eco-terrorist. I am not saying that Al-Qaeda would evolve into this, but some radical ecologists could in the future move to violent action to "protect the earth". What could be their target? Well, I would say polluting industries and big businesses. Not saying I am a fan, but honestly, in the long run, terrorism is a dead end.

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