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Monday, June 28, 2010

Crazy Plan: Selling Alaska Water to Middle East Countries

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Yes, this is not a mistake, this is a real project implemented by a US company, S2C Global Sytems. They want to sell the water from the Blue Lake reservoir located near Sitka, a small town in Southeastern Alaska. And they plan to sell a large quantity of water: 9.5 billion gallons a year or 8% of the total volume of the reservoir.

They affirm it will not endanger the ecosystem of the lake as it is provided with fresh water from glaciers. But still, I feel they are like wizard trying something new without measuring all the consequences of it. And what to say about all the pollution generated to condition the water for shipping and then transport it to the Middle East?

I know that some countries are in dire situation regarding water, but the first thing to do should be to have a better water distribution system and reduce water consumption, not resorting to what appears to be the easiest solution that will inevitably create new problems.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Dying Dead Sea

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I went to Israel and Jordan last month. That was an amazing trip, which I recommend everyone to do. But I was very shocked by the state of the Dead Sea. I knew that both countries are pumping too much water from the rivers alimenting it, but I did not expect to see something like this.

The level of the Dead Sea is dropping by 1 meter per year. And the most alarming thing in all this is that both countries are not talking about way to improve their irrigation system or reduce the amount of water lost through leaks. No, they want to build a multi billion dollar aqueduct to bring water from the Red sea to the Dead sea.

Sounds to me it is like creating a new problem when trying to solve a current one.
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