I write this blog about ecotourism because I have a big interest in this topic and I do think it can make a difference. I want to share what I find/think interesting about it.
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Blog Is Not for Sale

NO SALESImage by KateMonkey via FlickrTo all the guys out there that are looking at my blog and think of contacting me for advertising or linkbuilding, please DON'T!!! There are a few reasons why I am not interested in any of them:

  • Linkbuilding is illegal
  • My blog is an ad free zone: I just watched Fight Club last night and read the excellent 'No Logo' of Naomi Klein, so I am not in corporate mode at all.
  • My blog is about ecotourism and I try show how it is vital for all the stakeholders to take the environment into account. This means I will never talk or recommend a business that is not green or at least genuinely try to be.
  • If you really want to have a mention of your company on this blog, do something green, implement new measures, do whatever makes sense to protect the environment.
I know it will not stop the flow of stupid emails, but at least I want to show to whoever comes to this blog that I am completely independent and free from any commercial pressure.
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