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Friday, August 13, 2010

China Is Shaking up the World of Renewable Energies

Darling Wind FarmImage by warrenski via Flickr
Napoleon said, after having read a book about China, that 'when China wakes up, the whole world will be shaken up'. I think he had no idea this would especially apply to the field of green technologies. A recent article from Fast Company shows that China has become the Saudi Arabia of Wind is on track to produce more electricity through wind farm than the US.

As the Chinese market is potentially way bigger than the US one, the industry will adapt itself to the Chinese demand; The good news is that it will give a big boost to the sector and hopefully drive prices down.

If you extent this principle to the other green tech (and China is investing billions in the solar industry), you realize that China has all the cards to become the number one player in the green energies game. The only thing that could challenge this assumption is if the US move quickly to adopt a green energy bill, but the coming mid term election will for sure prevent this. This is a missed opportunity for the US in terms of leadership, and it might not come back.
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